Fitness watches with it's own in-built heart rate sensors are really becoming a must buy for fitness goers and as the technology on these wearables improves in it's accuracy, it is becoming an essential device to help you improve the levels of one's fitness. And what also makes them practical is the convenience, you can strap them easily and the fitness trackers are very light to wear. Often you would not notice that you are wearing it. Without question, many number of fitness goers love strapping on these fitness watches because it is so effortless and so easy to use, and plus, just by wearing it, the activity tracker will in most cases automatically monitor your heart rate. It is as simpe as one plus one. Plus the information and activity progress are readily available at the tap of the fitness watch, all in real time - from the number of steps you walked, distance walked or ran so far, and your heart rate can be viewed on the screen. A great way to improve the effectiveness of a workout.

However, if you are ready for a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor, you must consider carefully as to which bracket you fall into. Are you an exerciser who will train occasionally, exercise from home or someone starting out with fitness training, or are you a hardcore fitness geek who wants everybit of information and accuracy. For the former, fitness trackers with heart rate sensors are most suitable as it is convenient and provides a nice guide to how you should go about your training. And for the latter, the fitness geeks, a heart rate monitor chest strap will provide more in depth analysis and accuracy in heart rate and performance tracking.

For this article and since a majority of exercisers are in the 'casual' workout bracket, here are three fitness trackers with their own heart rate sensor -

Fitbit charge hr

The Charge Hr is a great fitness tracker that can guide the user and keep track of general activities such as steps taken, floors walked up and down, kilometers walked or ran, calories burnt, number of minutes active, including automatic sleep and heart rate recording on a 24 hour, 7 day basis. Although it is more expensive than other products, it offers plenty of value and performance features like automatic recognition of the sports you're playing like running, basketball, basic caller id alert and more.

The Fitbit Charge HR is one of the best wrist heart rate monitor, and it is a nicely designed gadget which comes in a number of wrist-band sizes and colors.

The wearable keeps tab of activity, sleep and heart rate numbers automatically and all the stat is available to view on the screen of the device. It is then sent to the Fitbit app where the user can monitor their performance.

Garmin Vivosmart Hr

Did you know there is a wearable that can be worn more than five days without charging? As well, it can be used for swimming and be showered with? And as well, it can do the tracking stuff that includes heart rate and sleep recording on a non stop basis? It also has smartwatch styled functions! Well, the Garmin Vivosmart HR hits that mark on all those notable features.

For certain, this waterproof gizmo is a nice marriage of fitness tracking and smart-watch performance, and it has all the requirements covered, it takes data of the users everyday activities, monitors heart rate continuously the entire day and automatically record the quality of one's sleep.

Also, Garmin Vivosmart HR offers incoming caller push notification and best yet, the wearable is waterproof for swimming and water activites and this is why it has made it to our best fitness watch list. For people who enjoy swimming, the Vivosmart HR is a fitness tracker to consider, and it's heart rate tracking is quite accurate.

Jawbone Up4

Jawbone Up4 is also a top rated fitness watch which offers masurement of the heart rate, keep tabs of your sleep plus general physical movements. Another positive practicality is the ability to pay for items at stores who are participating in this fast growing 'tap to pay' segment. Another nice feature, it uses the same sensors that keeps tab of the heart beat to measure one's sweat levels and respiration rate continuously.

For around $80 and with a battery life nearing 10 days, this is a nice entry activity tracker to workout with today.

Overall, Jawbone UP4 automatically tracks your sleep and as well tracks the Deep, Light and REM patterns and will recommend ways to lead you to a good night's deep snooze.

With any wearable gadgets, there will be niggling issues especially when it comes to heart rate monitoring. Issues often arises when the fitness trackers are used for fast paced training, and excessive movements like interval training and stop start motions. But if you use these fitness tracker wisely and consistently, you can gain plenty of benefits from it. Fitness trackers are just trackers, so please use it as a GUIDE to your training. For sure, if you are one who loves analysing their own stats in great detail and enjoys heart rate zone training (the triathletes and serious workout junkies), an activity tracker that require a chest strap for heart rate monitoring is most suitable.

And so if you workout casually, or new to exercising, and more worried about getting fitter, a wrist based heart rate monitor such as one of the 3 above mentioned trackers is sufficient to use now. In addition fitness watches are often more comfortable and easier to use than a wearable chest strap.