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  1. One Hour Extra Time
  2. Stop Asking and Talking Please
  3. Life is an echo…
  4. A Survey of One
  5. Whitney Houston: Now Dead
  6. Appreciating Nature: World’s Largest Jellyfish
  7. How many of you had tried quitting smoking before it becomes a success?
  8. Do you ask questions about your child’s exams?
  9. Let The Light Shine On You
  10. The Amazing Water Bridge in Germany
  11. No Longer Locally Updated
  12. "Chlamydia" Most Frequently Searched Health Term
  13. Canning Foods?
  14. For Adults Only: Funny Sex Laws
  15. Yurtie: A Friend & Family
  16. Learn Before You Succeed
  17. Here Comes The Meals...
  18. You Can Have the Heart of a Champion
  19. Batman Kitchen Apron
  20. Are you a chronic label checker?
  21. No Atheism Allowed
  22. A Naughty Dog Named Howie
  23. To Give and To Take
  24. Put Those Doubts Away
  25. Do you Travel a lot?
  26. Mr. Never Give Up
  27. Top 10 Grammar Peeves
  28. Seven Good Guidelines for Living…
  29. Eagle In A Storm
  30. Staying Disciplined May Equals Success
  31. Just A Curiosity: Is She Beautiful?
  32. I have a new Hobby! Or addiction?
  33. What Are Your Plans for the Weekend?
  34. Couple Sleeping Together
  35. What to drink when you're sick of water?
  36. Can infants read lips?
  37. Weapons of Mass Distraction
  38. Child's Definition of LOVE.
  39. Who is God?
  40. The Father's Eyes
  41. Porn Leaving California?
  42. Ice cream is good for the soul sometimes
  43. Who wants a gun fight? (LOL)
  44. Old Lady with Gun Breezed Airport Security
  45. A Strong NO to SOPA and PIPA!
  46. Mechanically Separated Meat (Mystery Meat) - YUMMY!
  47. Too much sitting may give you the blues
  48. The Last Geico Commercial - Just a bit of Humour
  49. Can You Read This?
  50. A Simple Smile
  51. An Awesome Journey
  52. The Box of Kisses
  53. Paula Deen: A Hypocrite?
  54. What's Your Favorite Bumper Sticker Quote?
  55. Taste Wine Like a Pro
  56. Avoiding the doctor/dentist will cost you more
  57. Afraid to take your Medication?
  58. Tim Hortons is Supersizing....Gah!
  59. Sunscreens do expire!!
  60. Does your hair need hydration?
  61. Helpless Chinese man getting beaten.
  62. What is your HUMOR RATE? (ON A SCALE OF 1-10)
  63. THE GREATER LITTLE THINGS (or, you haven't noticed?)
  64. A smoking family ... Yet long lifers! Why?
  65. Leap Year Trivia
  66. No doomsday supernova in 2012, says NASA
  67. Are You B+?
  68. Politicians: Before and After Elections
  69. So What Does This Mean?
  70. Raising The Energy To The Max
  71. Food Allergies
  72. Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic!!!
  73. Terms & conditions help
  74. Have a good morning!!
  75. Money: Bonuses and the rule of third
  76. Subliminal Messages
  77. And Now... The UFOs Are Coming...Watch Out!
  78. 'Fatty': Sixth Taste Theory
  79. Chinese Foot Binding
  80. Help Me Please
  81. An Unusual Friendship: Man & Whale Shark
  82. Father and Son: A Touching story
  83. Elephant Man
  84. Exotic goodies :P
  85. McDonald’s Ketchup Mystery
  86. When you don't give up, you cannot fail [video]
  87. Entertaining Robots
  88. Which is.. ?
  89. Three Good Rules of Life
  90. Fast Food and Depression
  91. Banned free formula to encourage breastfeeding
  92. Restricted Early C-Sections and Inductions?
  93. Resolving Your Past Issues
  94. SOPA Author Also A Copyright Violator?
  95. Mistakes and Lessons
  96. Doctor falsified red wine anti-aging data
  97. Beijing Apple Store Canceled?
  98. Gummie bears & vodka?
  99. Death penalty...Is it really working?
  100. Open Marriage...Real or fantasy?
  101. What is your single most...
  102. Perhaps Healthy Eating is Catching On!
  103. Hilarious Video!
  104. Alopecia Areata
  105. Hand in Hand: Inspiring, Moving
  106. Friday The 13th
  107. Because Kindness Keeps the World Afloat
  108. Crazy Ninja Crash
  109. My Genie
  110. Are You Hopeless?
  111. Simple Techniques Kicking Out Procrastination
  112. Marijuana study a boost for supporters
  113. BEHOLD - The new revolution in beauty products!
  114. Ten Ways to Love
  115. The Story of Kyle
  116. That Crazy Kid
  117. Never Judge too Easily..
  118. Is that Funny or What?
  119. Google Gravity
  120. The Baby Language (As Seen on Oprah)
  121. Online Shopping
  122. Conflict Between Family and Partner
  123. In loving the job that you have
  124. Dolly Parton: Beauty and Surgeries
  125. The 10 Commandments Towards Generating Wealth and Finding Happiness
  126. Thanks to Facebook
  127. Study: Moderate pot smoking okay for lungs
  128. Weight Loss and Eating Out
  129. Pot Smoking Study
  130. Your friends
  131. Stupid, funny, crazy reasons why you are late
  132. Monday sickness strikes!
  133. Having Hot Flashes Ladies? Check This Out
  134. One empty chair .... (very nice story...please share)
  135. Blood in Your Cellphone
  136. Why This Woman Cried?
  137. Spermies: The Candy You'll Love To Swallow
  138. A Story of Great Transformation
  139. Cars on electricity
  140. Unlock Your Potential
  141. Military Strategies For Business
  142. Do you agree with the way Paypal is imposing fees and charges?
  143. Hoarders
  144. New look for 2012?
  145. Yikes, Thats Gotta Hurt!
  146. Lesson From Two Horses
  147. Dreams and Strategies
  148. Changing Your Perspective
  149. Most Perplexing Mystery of the Universe Is...
  150. How do you tell someone to stop smoking when you are around?
  151. Setting Up Yourself to Win Daily
  152. The Top Five Regrets People Express On Their Deathbed
  153. Higher minimum prices for alcohol to reduce consumption
  154. Oil Rigs, dairy farms and Air Pollution
  155. Funny Video
  156. Third Eye
  157. Health: How much time do you spend on your computer?
  158. Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing
  159. Hairy Yeti Crabs, Unsual Seastars, Pale Octopus'... [ VIDEO ]
  160. Brave Girl With Cancer Died
  161. Love: Strong Yesterday, Maybe Today, Gone Tomorrow
  162. Locking Oneself in their Room
  163. What is that one thing done to you that will ruin your entire day?
  164. French Children Clothing Ad Blunder
  165. Can animals predict disaster ?
  166. Do You Think it is Best to Exercise in the AM or the PM?
  167. Do you want to play a game?
  168. Are You Losing Your Hair?
  169. Do You Have Bunions?
  170. Have You Had Lasik?
  171. Your Teeth and Your Overall Wellness
  172. The "STR" of recognizing a STROKE
  173. Diapers And The Economy
  174. Tongue Twister
  175. A Huge Tuna Worth $736k
  176. Stem Cell Hype:
  177. Cereal - As good a reason as any to burn alive......
  178. How do you allow a tumor to grow to 200 lbs?!?!
  179. Tampons & Vampires - There are no words to describe this......
  180. Self-Cleaning Clothes Only Using Sunshine
  181. Ways to Get Good Karma
  182. Future Technology for Laughs
  183. How do you motivate yourself?
  184. Be Thankful You're Not One of Them
  185. Bungee Jumping?
  186. In the Wilderness, Who Would You Want as a Leader? Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone?
  187. TweetAdder - Get Twitter Followers Automatically!
  188. Do These Five Reasons Why Americans are So Stressed Apply to Your Countrymen/women?
  189. Eleven Signs You Are In Love
  190. Massacre Due To Finger Foods
  191. What will you do when you become broke?
  192. Your Very Favorite Month of the Year?
  193. Were You a Science, Math or English Lover in High School?
  194. Book Club Member?
  195. Heartbreaking doesn't even begin to describe it
  196. Gluten Intolerance
  197. High Heel Shoes
  198. How To Improve Your Memory
  199. What's Worse. Fear of Failure, or Fear of Success?
  200. What Do You Do To Go Green?
  201. Sand & Stone: A Story
  202. Outrageously Strange 2012 Prediction
  203. I have broken up with my doubts and now I'm marrying my dreams
  204. The Indian Ten Commandments
  205. Decide To And You Will
  206. The Death of a Pet
  207. Extreme body modification - Synthol:
  208. Have you seen a good movie lately?
  209. What is the BEST MOVIE of 2011 for you?
  210. Friends With benefits Movie
  211. Gold or Silver Jewelry? Your Choice?
  212. The Stem Cell Scam:
  213. Seized money...Are you honest enough?
  214. Teachers' Salaries...Are they enough?
  215. The glorious wonders of religion - Ritual Sacrifice!
  216. Are You an Ice Skater?
  217. Do you have the in-law blues?
  218. Can you forgive after infidelity?
  219. Do you agree?
  220. If Marriage Licenses Cost More, Would Divorces be Less Frequent?
  221. Never Get Used Up
  222. Attracting Right People
  223. Childhood Antics....Sorry Mom!
  224. Avoiding Colds?
  225. Do you think this is controversial?
  226. I Choose...
  227. Do we have lady drivers here?
  228. My Wishes
  229. Soft Drinks With Free WiFi?
  230. What Should We Be Worried More
  231. What Will 2012 Brings To You?
  232. Very First Day of School Ever?
  233. Other Than Frog Legs?
  234. Stick Shift Automobile?
  235. Daybreak?
  236. Improvement, Remain the Same or Worsen?
  237. Did You Keep Any of Your 2011 Resolutions?
  238. free sample of thinagain!
  239. Pretend 2012 is Your Last Year on Earth!
  240. How did you spend the passing between years?
  241. Lesson From A Flower
  242. Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Effective
  243. Now Is The Time
  244. Where Is The Perfect Man?
  245. Know Your 2012 Horoscope Possibilities
  246. Most dysfunctional cartoon family
  247. Using Firecrackers?
  248. Describe 2011 In One Word!
  249. The Worst Gift You Received Or Gave This Season Or In The Past??
  250. Looking Back The Years With Gratitude