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  1. Five Exercises Shown to Reduce Office Neck and Shoulder Pain
  2. Playing Active Video Games Equal Moderate Intensity Exercise
  3. Common Pathogens Associated with Increases Stroke Risk
  4. Viagra may Help Children with Heart Defect
  5. Regular Exercise Does Not Cause Arthritis Risk According to Study
  6. Low-Fat Diet Improves Mood , Low-Carb Diet Does Not Improve Mood
  7. Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress Hormones
  8. Interval Cardio Training
  9. Tips to Maintain a Strong Immune System
  10. Types of Yoga
  11. The Many Benefits of Fiber in the Diet
  12. Marijuana Smokers Have More to Worry About
  13. When a Toothache May Not Be Just a Toothache
  14. Exercise Plays Role in Recovery From Sports Injuries
  15. Flu Immunity Increased by Color
  16. Smoking Pot is Good for Stress According to Report
  17. Do Not Let Daily Stresses of Life Push You Into a Cardiac Arrest
  18. Do not Let the Economic Climate Push You Into a Cardiac Arrest
  19. Do Not let These Flu Myths Affect Your Health
  20. Top Mens Health Issues Today
  21. Brain Lesions More Common than Previously Thought
  22. Antiaging Tips from Antiaging Experts
  23. Swine Flu Common Sense
  24. Research Shows Excercise May Be the Best Prevention Against Catching a Cold
  25. Think Twice Before Getting H1N1 Vaccination
  26. Research Shows Daily Glass of Wine Could Improve Liver Health
  27. Some Inflammatory Bowel Disease may Increase Skin Cancer Risk
  28. Bigger Athletes Have Greater Health Risks
  29. Top Health, Fitness and Wellness News
  30. Loss of Sleep Increases Risk for Brain Damage Later in Life
  31. The Real Fat Facts
  32. Periodontal Disease Increases Risk for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Diseases
  33. The Fat Perspective
  34. 15 Tips To Manage Stress; and They Won't Cost You a Penny!
  35. Dumbbell Bench Press
  36. An Epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes in Young Adults is Inevitable
  37. How What and How Much We Eat (And Drink) Affects Our Risk of Cancer
  38. Eight Simple Tips to Increase Your Energy Levels
  39. MuscleMagFitness Spotlight: Tracie Euker
  40. Vitamin D the Key to Good Health
  41. Exercise Prevents Weight Regain By Reducing Appetite and by Burning Fat Before Carbohydrates
  42. Top Reasons to Start a Walking Program Today
  43. Cable Concentration Curls
  44. Lunges
  45. People Who Sleep Fewer than Six Hours a Night -- or more than Nine -- are More Likely to be Obese
  46. Secrets to a Good Night's Sleep
  47. Green Tea Polyphenols (GTP) Beat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Related Brain Deficits
  48. Report Weighs in on the Safety of Diet Pills
  49. Depression Causes Brain Pleasure Center Malfunctions
  50. Peridex (Chlorhexidine gluconate) Oral Rinse
  51. Study Shows Several Reasons to Pass on the Salt
  52. Do Not Let Bone Mineral Density Break Your Future
  53. Bent Arm Barbell Pullover
  54. Top Back Exercises
  55. Walking Can Cut Breast Cancer Recurrence Dramatically
  56. Researchers Find Gene That Causes Resistance to Insulin
  57. Two More Genetic Risk Factors for Alzheimer's Disease Discovered
  58. Colds, Infections or Even Bruises from a Fall May Increase Alzheimer's Memory Loss
  59. Gum Disease Increases Cancer Risk
  60. Healthy Older Brains Need Not Significantly Shrink Over Time According to New Research
  61. Top Periodontal Disease Myths
  62. Low Sodium Food Gets Taste Boost from Dried Bonito Flakes
  63. New Orthodontic Treatment Speeds up New Smile
  64. Exercise Prevents Weight Gain by Reducing Appetite and Burning Fat Before Carbs
  65. Counterfeit Supplements: Makers of Stacker Products Win Court Case
  66. Specific Yoga Type Improves Back Pain, Treats Depression and Increases Mobility
  67. Researchers Identify Gene Causing Gum Disease, Osteoporosis and Arthritis
  68. Study Shows Drinkers More Physically Active Than Non-Drinkers
  69. Weight Loss Surgery Types
  70. A Healthy Breakfast May Protect Against Heart Disease
  71. Wild Blueberries For Anti Aging
  72. Your Body Looks Young, But How About Your Face?
  73. Best Herbs for Stress and Anxiety Reduction - Reduce Stress and Anxiety Naturally
  74. DNA-Coated Nanotubes Kill Cancer Tumors Without Harming Tissue
  75. Get Lean Fast Using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  76. Pescetarian Diet for Total Health
  77. Increase in Belly Fat Found NOT to be Because of Aging
  78. Allicin
  79. Low-dose Estrogen Effective for Metastatic Breast Cancer
  80. Friendly Gut Bacteria Helps Fight Infection
  81. Allicin
  82. Early Peanut Consumption May Prevent Allergy
  83. Allopathic Medicine (Allopathy)
  84. Common Sleeping Disorder Increases Death Risk
  85. Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI or MI), More Commonly Known as a Heart Attack
  86. Sleep Apnea: Types, Causes, Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Treatment Options
  87. The Organic Food Value Debate
  88. Healthy Tips to Kidney Stones and other Life Threatening Diseases
  89. Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Heighten Natural Anti-Cancer Activity
  90. Erectile Dysfunction: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment Options and Prevention
  91. Lung Cancer: Sign, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention
  92. Preventing Diabetes Complications for the Diabetic Patient
  93. Vitamin Supplement Linked to Breast Cancer Prevention
  94. Vitamin Supplement Linked to Breast Cancer Prevention
  95. Resveratrol Linked to Breast Cancer Prevention
  96. Tips to Stop Emotional Eating
  97. Brain Implant Device for OCD Treatment Approved by FDA
  98. New Treatments for PCL Tears Available
  99. Groundbreaking Pain Free Receding Gum Surgery Announced
  100. Groundbreaking Discovery May Lead to Stronger Antibiotics
  101. Social Stress linked to Harmful Fat Deposits and Heart Disease
  102. Aids Blocking Gel for Women
  103. Meal Replacement Weight Loss Study
  104. Barbell Curls
  105. NanoBees Kill Cancer
  106. Phytonutrients
  107. Food Stamp Use Linked to Weight Gain and Obesity
  108. 4 Steps to Reverse the Damage from a Super-Size Me Diet
  109. Antioxidants
  110. Fibromyalgia
  111. Berries are Berry Berry Good for You
  112. Homeopathy: A Natural Way of Healing
  113. The Healthy Skin Look Young Diet
  114. Homeopathy is An Effective Natural Way of Healing for Many
  115. Budget Friendly Cancer Prevention
  116. Antidepressant Treatment Rising Rapidly in the US
  117. Exercise During Pregnancy is Healthy for Mom and Baby
  118. New Nanotube Technology Kill Tumors
  119. Exercise During Pregnancy Leads to a Healthier Heart in Moms- and Babies-To-Be
  120. The Health Benefits of Soy Not as Beneficial as Previously Thought
  121. Dumbbell Concentration Curl
  122. Barbell Bicep Curl
  123. Bent Over Row Exercise
  124. Overhead Military Shoulder Press
  125. Study Suggests Swearing Can Reduce Pain
  126. Topical Sport Creams and Arthritis Gels Not Worth Spit According to New Study
  127. Protecting Your Skin from Sun Damage
  128. Five Steps to Nutritional Success
  129. Healthy Eating on the Go
  130. Free Michael Jackson Memorial Tickets at Staples Center
  131. Learn How to Read and Understand Food Labels
  132. Vitamin D May Prevent Several Autoimmune Diseases
  133. Proven Tips to Lose Weight and Keep it Off
  134. Faster, Cheaper Way to Identify Cancer-Causing Genes Identified
  135. Blast Your Body into Summer Shape with Circuit Training
  136. Kill Skin Wrinkles and Erase Sun Spots with this New Procedure
  137. New Study Shows Normal BMI with Higher Percentage of Body Fat at Risk
  138. You Do Not Need to Be a Chef to Make These Delicious Low Fat Entrees, Side Dishes and Deserts
  139. Doctors List the Top Ten Medical Reasons to Exercise
  140. Free Awesome Diet and Nutrition Tools and Calculators
  141. Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan Accomplice Anthony Gross Setenced
  142. Diet and Nutrition Tips to Keep You Looking and Feeling Good!
  143. Smith Machine Incline Bench Press
  144. Tips for Starting a Fitness Routine
  145. Les Mills BodyPump Training Systems Reviewed
  146. The Stress Reducing Diet
  147. NSAIDs Ibuprofen and Naproxen May Delay But Not Prevent Alzheimers Disease
  148. Phaseolamin 2250 AKA Phase 2 for Weight Loss
  149. Barbell Pullover
  150. New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel Extract
  151. Natural Healing for Real Health
  152. Why Woman Struggle with Sleep Problems and What they Can Do about it
  153. Type 2 Diabetes Risk Related to Ethnicity
  154. Orthopedic tips from a Orthopedic Surgeon to Keep you well
  155. Study Suggests Salt Might be a Natural Antidepressant
  156. Hormone Therapy for Women: Neither All Good or All Bad
  157. If you are Still Active at 50 you are Still Prime for Knee Repair Surgery
  158. Common Genes Tied to Alcohol, Nicotine, Cocaine Addictions
  159. Top 100 IFBB Women Bodybuilders - 2007- 2008
  160. IFBB Male Bodybuilder Ranking - Top 100 for 2007-2008
  161. Top 100 IFBB Fitness Athletes - 2008
  162. IFBB Figure Ranking - Top 100 for 2007-2008
  163. Body Mass Index (BMI) Is Just a Number
  164. Top Anti-aging Nutritiion Tips for Looking Young
  165. Tips For Creating a Fitter and Healthier You
  166. Myasthenia Gravis and Drooping Eyelids
  167. Pick One Diet for Successful Long-Term Weight Loss
  168. Tanning Booths Can Leave Their Deadly Mark Early
  169. Study Links Sugar to a Myraid of Health Issues
  170. Parent with Dementia May Affect Your Memory in Midlife
  171. Understanding Communication Styles and Developing Effective Communication Strategies
  172. Improving Low Self Esteem with Yoga
  173. How to Publish Articles on MuscleMagFitness.com
  174. The Halasana Plow Pose
  175. The Baddha Konasana Bound Angle Pose
  176. Dhanurasana Bow Pose
  177. Vrksasana Tree Yoga Pose
  178. Bakasana Crane Yoga Pose
  179. The Salamba Shirshasana or Headstand Pose
  180. The Paryankasana Bed Pose
  181. The Matsyasana or Fish Yoga Pose
  182. It is Never Too Late to Enjoy Benefits of a Well-Rounded Exercise Program
  183. Green Tea Blocks Cancer Drug Benefits
  184. Legumes Reduce Cancer Risk for Women
  185. Essential Fatty Acids in Fish Oil Benefit Arteries
  186. The Pressures of Motherhood Can Make Moms Fat
  187. Losing Weight Can Cure Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  188. How to Help a Family Member with Heart Disease
  189. The Power of Ayurveda
  190. Reiki Healing
  191. HTML Code for Free Health and Fitness Streaming Content for Websites
  192. The Million Dollar Secret Revealed
  193. Athletes Not Spared From Health Risks of Metabolic Syndrome
  194. Getting Less Sleep Means More Colds
  195. Low Cost Ways To Stay Healthy and Reduce Cancer Risks
  196. Brain Enzyme May be Key Controlling Appetite and Weight Gain
  197. New Anti Obesity Drug
  198. Goal Setting for Weight Loss and Success in 2009
  199. Buffet Line linked to Obesity in Rural America
  200. Buffet Line linked to Obesity in Rural America
  201. Research Aims to Mend Broken Hearts
  202. Alternating Mammography and MRIs May Be Best for High-Risk Women
  203. Cancer Risk Varies In Women with Benign Breast Disease
  204. Research on Tamoxifen Leads to Recommendation for CYP2D6 Gene Test
  205. Breast Cancer Survival can Be Predicted by Tau Protein
  206. Researchers Find Potential Breast Cancer Risk Linked to Breast Density
  207. Diet May Cut Breast Cancer Reoccurrence in Women Without Hot Flashes
  208. Kenny Kassel's Memorial Service
  209. Cancer Patients with Pre-Existing Diabetes Have Higher Risk of Death
  210. Six Surgeries that Should Be Avoided if Possible
  211. The Passing of Kenny Kassel
  212. Weight Gain Linked to Brain Enzyme
  213. Low-Glycemic Diet Better than High-Fiber Diet for Reducing Heart Disese Risk Factors
  214. Optimal Type of Dialysis Differs Among Kidney Disease Patients
  215. Weakened RNA Interference Reduces Ovarian Cancer Survival Rate
  216. Researchers Evidence Support Probiotics Effectiveness
  217. Declining Mammography Rates Increasing Risk to Women
  218. Coping During the Holidays with a Serious Medical Condition
  219. New Anti-Tumor Gene Identified
  220. Smoking Associated With Increased Risk for Colorectal Cancer and Death
  221. Cancer Patients with Pre-Existing Diabetes Have Higher Risk of Death
  222. Low-Glycemic Diet Shows Greater Improvement In Glycemic Control Than High-Fiber Diet
  223. Scans Predict Effects of MS Flare-ups on Optic Nerve
  224. As a result of the current economic slow down, many people have lost their jobs -- and their health
  225. Music Therapy Helps Relieve Anxiety of Cancer
  226. Aspirin Not Effective in Preventing Lynch Syndrome
  227. Diet May Cut Breast Cancer Reoccurrence in Women Without Hot Flashes
  228. Brain Enzyme May Play Key Role in Controlling Appetite and Weight Gain
  229. Breast Cancer Risk Linked to Breast Density
  230. Tau Protein Expression Predicts Breast Cancer Survival
  231. CYP2D6 Gene Test Recommended for Post Menopausal Women About to Begin Tamoxifen Therapy
  232. Breast Cancer Risk Varies In Young Women with Benign Breast Disease
  233. Alternating MRI and Mammography Best for High-Risk Women
  234. Research Aims to Reduce Scarring from Heart Attacks
  235. Key Molecule Identified to Reduce Scarring from Heart Attacks
  236. Estrogen Pills Can Benefit Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer
  237. Sweetened Beverage Consumption Increases in the U.S.
  238. New Cancer Drugs on the Horizon
  239. Lethal 'Lint Brush' Captures and Kill Cancer Cells
  240. Aromatase Inhibitors Effective in Preventing Breast Cancer Reoccurrence
  241. The Results are in, Learn Who is Happy and Why
  242. You can Prevent this Form of Dementia Before It is Too late
  243. Financial Incentives Effective For Short-Term Weight Loss
  244. Unintentional Overdose Deaths Associated With Nonmedical Use of Prescription Pain Relievers
  245. Community Workout Programs Increase Srength for Older Adults
  246. Brain MRIs Revealing Rising Number of Multiple Sclerosis Cases
  247. Reduce Contact Wear and Reduce Risk for Cold and Flu
  248. Diabetes Drug Shows Potential for Treating One Cause of Chronic Kidney Disease
  249. High Phosphorus Linked to Coronary Calcification in Chronic Kidney Disease
  250. Popular Class of Diabetes Drugs Doubles Risk of Fractures in Women