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  1. Popular Class of Diabetes Drugs Doubles Risk of Fractures in Women
  2. Obesity Linked to Where You Live
  3. Vitamin C or E Associated With Reduced Risk of Cancers
  4. Vitamin E or Selenium Does Not Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk
  5. Colorectal Screenings Can Prevent Cancer, so What is Stopping You?
  6. Go Generic and Save More Than Ever
  7. Overweight Siblings of Children with Type 2 Diabetes Likely to Have Abnormal Blood Sugar Levels
  8. An Achilles Heel in Cancer Cells
  9. Researchers Discover Protein that Contributes to Cancer Spread
  10. Mediterranean Diet Plus Nuts May Help Manage Metabolic Syndrome
  11. Half-Dose Flu Shot Appears to Effective for Young, Healthy Adults
  12. New Clue to Tension Headaches Revealed
  13. Gene Networks May Predict Speed of Leukemia Growth
  14. Protein Levels Indicate Risk of Death in Colorectal Cancer Patients
  15. Researchers Identify Best Treatments for Long-Term Survival in Brain Tumor Patients
  16. Heart Attack Risk Reduced with This New Therapy
  17. Treatment Fails to Improve Common Form of Heart Failure
  18. Apple Or Pear Shape Is Not Main Culprit to Heart Woes
  19. Cartilage Transplants Now for the Shoulder
  20. Pediatric Obesity May Alter Thyroid Function and Structure
  21. Adult Survivors of Childhood Leukemia Have Lower Bone Mineral Density
  22. Declining Mammography Rates Mean More Women May Discover Cancer at Later Stages
  23. Researchers Identify Gene in Age Related Hearing Loss
  24. Brand-Name Heart Drugs Not Superior to Generic Drugs
  25. Seven Ways to Cut Prescription Drug Costs
  26. Depression Associated With Increase in Abdominal Fat
  27. Epilepsy Drug Believed to Increase Risk of Autism
  28. Tips to Increase Your Energy Without Stimulants
  29. A Guide to Staying In Shape During the Holiday Season
  30. Canola Oil Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer
  31. Tips to Stay Slim During the Holiday Party Season
  32. Muscle-Building Exercise Improves Flu Shot Response
  33. How to Publish Articles on MuscleMagFitness.com
  34. Article Publishing Tips
  35. Recognizing the Difference Between Holiday Heartburn and Heart Attack Could Save Your Life
  36. Handle Those Leftovers with Care
  37. Maternal Consumption of Canola Oil Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer
  38. Calorie Restriction and Exercise May Prevent Breast Cancer
  39. Broccoli May Lower Lung Cancer Risk in Smokers
  40. Researchers Show Exercise and Education Improves Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Function
  41. Study Shows Exercise and Good Sleep Reduces Cancer Risk
  42. Impact of Exercise on Body Fat Is Different for Boys and Girls
  43. A Walk a Day Might Help Keep the Doctor Away for Post-menopausal Women
  44. The Best Prevention for a Cold
  45. Study Shows Exercise Reduces Cancer Risks
  46. Improve Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Function Naturally
  47. Exercise Can Reduce Side Effects of Cancer Treatment
  48. Weightlifting Improves Response to Flu Shot
  49. It is Never Too Late to Work Out
  50. Data Shows Exercise Can Reduce Arthritis Pain
  51. Tips to Save Your Hips and Knees from Osteoarthritis Pain
  52. Preventing Stress Reaction and Stress Fracture Injuries in the Gym
  53. Natural Headache Relief
  54. Achieve Your Dreams with the 7 Rules of Achievement
  55. Achieve Your Wildest Dreams
  56. One Mans Experience at the NABBA Mr. Universe
  57. Diabetes is Growing Field of Treatment for Pharmacists
  58. Researcher Helps Hispanics Find Better Ways to Live With Diabetes
  59. Personalized Medicine for Monogenic Diabetes
  60. Diabetes Advocate Works to Change the Way College Kids Eat
  61. Cardio Secrets to Burn Fat Quickly
  62. Program Cuts Glucose Levels Among Its 14,000 Diabetes Patients
  63. Diabetics and Doctors Learn from Each Other at Temple University
  64. Artificial Pancreas Could Revolutionize Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes
  65. Cold Rhino Virus Found Causes Cold Symptoms By Manipulating Your Genes
  66. Mechanism in Cells That Generate Malignant Brain Tumors May Offer Target for Gene Therapy
  67. Rotten Egg Gas Key to Lowering Blood Pressure
  68. Experts Discover New Information about Diabetes Link to Tuberculosis
  69. Rotten Gas Smell Linked to High Blood Pressure
  70. Researchers Link Diabetes to Tuberculosis and Life Threatening Lung Infections
  71. Even Mild Sleep Apnea Increases Cardiovascular Risk
  72. Depression May Increase Exacerbations, Hospitalizations in COPD
  73. Cold Virus Found to Manipulate Genes
  74. Cornea Research Reaches New Heights
  75. Researchers Find Clue to Antibiotic Resistance
  76. Scientists Discover Cell that May Help the Development of New Designer Anti Cancer Drugs
  77. Twelve Week Anti-aging Protocol for A Younger and Healthier You
  78. New Candidate Genes for Schizophrenia Identified
  79. Hypertension Disparity Linked to Environment
  80. Socioeconomic Status and Treatment Affect Racial Disparities in Survival for Cancer
  81. Stroke Can Mask Medical Disabilities that Require Targeted Treatment Strategies
  82. Researcher Says No Proven Link Between Vaccines and Autism
  83. Many Children in U.S. Uninsured Despite Having a Parent With Health Insurance
  84. Study Documents Safety Problems for Biological Products
  85. Study Shows How Breastfeeding Transfers Immunity to Babies
  86. Caffeine Does Not Appear to Increase Breast Cancer Risk According to New Report
  87. Cancer Patients Experience Increased Risk of Learning and Memory Problems When Whole Brain Radiation
  88. Colorado Newborns at Most Risk Miss Hearing Screening Tests
  89. Anesthesia Exposure May Increase Risk for Childhood Developmental Disorders
  90. RSV May Hide in the Lungs, Lead to Asthma
  91. Many Children in U.S. Uninsured Despite Having a Parent With Health Insurance
  92. Study Documents Safety Problems for Biological Products
  93. Some Disabilities Remain Hidden After Stroke, Researcher Says
  94. A Heart (at Last) for Alice - After 2 Years of Living with Congestive Heart Failure
  95. Nerve Repair, Biodetectors, Proton Therapy, Microscopic Medical Devices, and the Heavy Hold of Hepat
  96. New Report Exposes the Safety of Blood Thinners
  97. Birth Control has Long Term Effect on Hormone Exposure
  98. Suicidal Stunt Is Immune Cells' Normal Rite of Passage
  99. Sun-damaged Skin Responds Well to Laser Treatment
  100. Can Exercise Prevent a Severe Stroke?
  101. Excessive Rapid Weight Loss Following Bariatric Surgery May Cause Hernia According to New Research
  102. The Diet Ten Commandments for a Hot Bod
  103. Pregabalin Reduces Chronic Pain, Increases Patient Function Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery
  104. Pregabalin Reduces Chronic Pain
  105. Urine Test Can Predict Diabetes Risk in Men
  106. Urine Albumin Levels Linked to Diabetes Risk in Men
  107. Post-Surgery Stroke Risk Increases as Blood Pressure Levels Fall
  108. Sex, Smoking and Chronic Pain
  109. Easing Patient Anxiety During Endoscopic Screening
  110. Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy Increases Odds that Offspring will be Overweight
  111. Physical Decline Caused by Slow Decay of Brain's Myelin
  112. Vaccines Are Important Prevention Tools at Every Age
  113. Beware of Hospital Report Cards
  114. Fructose Frequently Confused With High Fructose Corn Syrup
  115. Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)
  116. Study Finds Best Treatment for Common Childhood Eye Problem
  117. Research Suggests Link Between Thyroid Disorder and Glaucoma
  118. Cardiovascular Discovery Is Highlighted in Prestigious Scientific Journal
  119. A Potential Role for Cell Death in Age-Related Hearing Loss
  120. Researchers ID Switch Critical for Survival in Hypoxia
  121. Vitamin C and Other Antioxidants Reduce Infections, Pulmonary Failure and More According to New Data
  122. Excessive Rapid Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery May Be Associated with Internal Hernia
  123. Respiratory Rhythms Can Help Predict Insomnia in Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer
  124. Largest Study for Predicting Alzheimer Disease Risk Released
  125. Stem-Cell Sentry Sounds the Alarm to Maintain Balance Between Cancer and Aging
  126. Obtaining Kidney Transplants Abroad Carries Certain Medical Risks
  127. Early Surgical Treatment for Elderly with Hyperactive Parathyroid Gland Can Improve Quality of Life
  128. Surgeons Use Exciting New Tools to Provide Safer, Cost-Effective Care
  129. Bugs in the Gut Trigger May Be a Cure for Auto Immune Diseases, Like IBS
  130. Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease on the Horizon
  131. Surgeons Find Unsuspected Thyroid Problems in Elderly Patients Through Clinical Imaging Studies
  132. Study Links Nicotine with Breast Cancer Growth and Spread
  133. Men More Prone to Losing Vision Than Women from this Common Disease
  134. Study Reveals Eating Too Much Fructose Causes Weight Gain without Warning
  135. Physician Says Now Is the Best Time to Get Vaccinated Before Coming of the Flu Season
  136. Natural Treatment for Alzheimers Questioned
  137. Lessening Medication for Atrial Fibrillation Does Not Reduce Side Effects
  138. Vitamin B Does Not Slow Cognitive Decline For Alzheimer Disease Patients
  139. Study Suggests Resveratrol May Prevent Liver Disease
  140. Study Examines Why Women Get More Cavities than Men
  141. Physician Uses Harp To Soothe, Heal Patients
  142. Pre-vivors Beat Breast Cancer to the Punch
  143. AAT Protein Restores Blood Glucose in Type 1 Diabetes Model
  144. Vitamin K Does Not Prevent Bone Density Loss, but May Prevent Fractures and Cancers
  145. Black Patients with Chronic Pain Less Likely to Have Obesity Assessed
  146. The Case for Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Screening Starting at Age 40
  147. Intravesical Chondroitin Sulphate Shows Promise for Treatment of Bladder Pain Syndrome
  148. Effect of Acupuncture on IVF Remains Unclear
  149. Steroids Aid Recovery from Pneumonia
  150. Surgeons Test Blood Chemicals to Spot Early Signs of Organ Injury or Failure
  151. Surgeons are Testing a Protein-Based Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer
  152. Tips To Reduce Costs of Medical Care
  153. Vitamin B Does Not Slow Alzheimers Cognitive Decline
  154. High Doses of Vitamin B Does Not Slow Rate of Cognitive Decline For Alzheimer Disease Patients
  155. Most Patients Do Not Undergo Recommended Test To Confirm Need For Elective Angioplasty
  156. Tibotec Begins Enrollment for Phase III Study of Telaprevir
  157. To Reduce Costs of Medical Care, Pay for Procedures That Are Known to Work
  158. Surgeons Test Blood Chemicals to Spot Early Signs of Organ Injury or Failure
  159. National Survey Reveals Impact of ADHD in Adults
  160. Antigen-Carrying Bacteria Prime Immune System Against Melanoma
  161. Stem Cells May Act as Trojan Horse to Deliver Gene Therapy to Injured Central Nervous System
  162. Cancer Screening Rates Low Among Older Medicaid Patients
  163. Study Examines Association Between Caffeine and Breast Cancer Risk
  164. Drinking Alcohol Associated With Smaller Brain Volume
  165. Study Links Sleep, Memory Problems in Older African-Americans
  166. New Study Shows Vitamin C May Stop Bone Density Loss
  167. Allstar List of Health and Fitness Superstars Appointed to Advisory Board
  168. Study Links Sleep, Memory Problems in Older African-Americans
  169. Black Patients with Chronic Pain Less Likely to Have Obesity Assessed
  170. Research Yields More Gene Culprits in Type 1 Diabetes
  171. Study Links Artificial Sweetener to Brain Disfunction
  172. Metabolic Syndrome Increases Colorectal Cancer Risk
  173. A Third of the Diseases in the Developing World Are Potentially Treatable by Surgical Intervention
  174. Link Between Taste Differences and Nicotine Dependence Found
  175. Depression Linked to Higher Death Rate Among Elderly with Diabetes
  176. Essential Tremor Disease
  177. Dystonia
  178. Natural Approaches for Preventing Mental Aging
  179. Researchers Find Obesity-Related Insulin Resistance, Diabetes Target for New Diabetes Treatment
  180. Red Wine May Lower Lung Cancer Risk
  181. Children with Cystic Fibrosis at Risk for Bone Loss and Rickets
  182. Researchers Project Epidemic of Heart Disease for our Children
  183. Guidelines Updated to Address 7-Fold Mortality Increase in Hypertension Deaths
  184. New Therapy Approved by FDA for Treatment-resistant Depression
  185. Technology Can Reverse the Effects of Some Strokes if Treated Quickly
  186. Statins May Prevent Miscarriages
  187. Officilal Definition of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Released
  188. Landmark Study Unlocks Stem Cell, DNA Secrets to Speed Therapies
  189. Research Finds Drug Candidate Slows Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  190. Protein Plays Key Role in Normal Development of Nervous System
  191. New, Tiny, Super-sensitive Probe Could Cut Colon Polyp Removal in Half
  192. Researchers Provide New Insights Into Common Alterations of ERG Oncogene in Prostate Cancer
  193. Researchers Tips to Prevent or Reduce Risk to Alzheimers
  194. For Most People Flu Shots Are Effective
  195. What Women Need to Know to Help Prevent Hip Fractures
  196. FDA Clears Neurostar TMS Therapy for the Treatment of Depression
  197. New Lung Cancer Vaccine Trial Launched
  198. New Treatment for Obesity-Related Insulin Resistance May be on the Horizon
  199. Research Shows Early Mobility Better than Bed Rest for ICU Patients
  200. Tamoxifen Chemoprevention Tied to Early Detection of Breast Cancer
  201. Use of Medication for Enlarged Prostate Not Associated With Increased Risk of Hip Fracture
  202. Simpler Diagnostic Method May Be As Effective At Detecting Blood Clot in the Leg
  203. Ear Ventilation Tubes Reduce Infections
  204. Study Scopes out Mouthwash Effects on Bad Breath
  205. Anti-Clotting Drug Helps Patients With Immobilized Legs
  206. Exercise Helps Reduce Pain, Disability After Lower Back Surgery
  207. Chemotherapy Treatment for Deadly Lung Cancer Not Superior
  208. Honey Holds Some Promise for Treating Burns
  209. Time Management Tips to Reduce Stress
  210. Nap Your Way to Good Health
  211. Effective, Low-Cost Ways to Get Rid of A Stuffy Problem -- Sinusitis
  212. Get the Flu Shot This Year
  213. Cell Protein Suppresses Pain Eight Times More Effectively than Morphine
  214. Researchers Find Target for Pain Control That is Eight Times More Effectively than Morphine
  215. Many Cancer Patients Receive Insufficient Pain Management Therapy
  216. Scientists Discover Cancer-causing Role of Gene Proteins
  217. Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetes and Diabetic Nerve Pain (DNP)
  218. New Studies Examine the Effectiveness of Probiotics in IBS
  219. Colorectal Cancer Screening Early Could Save Millions of Dollars
  220. Parents Misperceptions Put Children at Risk for Lifetime of Obesity
  221. Metabolic Syndrome Ups Colorectal Cancer Risk
  222. More Appendicitis Hospitalizations on High Ozone Days
  223. New Target for Obesity-Related Insulin Resistance, Type 2 Diabetes
  224. Early Detection for Vulvar Cancer is the Key to Survival
  225. Researchers Report Hepatitis B Exposure May Increase Risk For Pancreatic Cancer
  226. Bisphenol A Linkage to Breast Cancer Studied
  227. Health Risk to Breast Cells From Common Household Products
  228. Air Pollution May Increase Risk of Appendicitis
  229. Effectiveness of Probiotics in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Examined
  230. Metabolic Syndrome Ups Colorectal Cancer Risk
  231. Breast Cancer Still a Threat for Women into Their Seventies
  232. Eczema
  233. Acupuncture May Reduce Symptoms to this Hormone Disorder
  234. Study Genetically Links Colon Cancer Risk and Obesity
  235. Oral Vitamin D May Help Prevent Some Skin Infections
  236. Vitamin C May Stop Bone Density Loss
  237. Prostate Health: More Than Just Prostate Cancer
  238. Colorectal Cancer Screening Before Medicare Age Could Save Millions of Dollars
  239. Endoscopic Therapy May Offer an Alternative to Surgery New research presented at the American Colleg
  240. Women Require Less Tobacco Exposure Than Men to Increase Colon Cancer Risk
  241. Lower Lung Cancer Risk with a Glass of Red Wine
  242. The Flu Is Nothing to Mess with: How to Protect Yourself
  243. Getting Back in the Game after a Hip or Knee Replacement
  244. Vitamin C Supplements May Reduce Benefit from Wide Range of Anticancer Drugs
  245. Menopause Does Not Cause Increased Blood Pressure
  246. Do You Know How to Tell the Difference Between a Cold and the Flu?
  247. Do you know about these Natural Remedies for Cold and Flu?
  248. Patients with Depression have Risk of Diabetes and Patients Diabetes at Risk for Depression
  249. Tips to Stop Emotional Eating
  250. Depression Linked to Higher Death Rate from All Causes Among Elderly with Diabetes