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  2. Soundtrack Music for Workouts
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  4. Foreign Music
  5. Okay don't laugh
  6. Music Reduces Anxiety Improves Mood
  7. What gets me pumped
  8. Hardcore, fast music
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  13. My Guilty Pleasure
  14. Screamo While Working Out?
  15. What's Your Favorite Song--Not Necessarily For Working Out?
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  17. Music for walking workouts
  18. This is DubStep
  19. Does music help you?
  20. Favorite Techno, Trance, or House Artists
  21. Ridiculous Lyrics!
  22. Techno is good for the brain!
  23. Favorite FREE & LEGAL workout music download sites
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  27. Techno!
  28. My good workout music
  29. Music While running?
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  33. What Genre Of Music Do You Listen To During A Workout?
  34. Study: LOUD Music Stimulates The Brain
  35. Music Out Loud Or Do You Use An Earpiece?
  36. Songs that mean a lot..
  37. Study: Exercise and Music Clear the Brain
  38. Music
  39. What Is The Best Music To Listen To In Order To Increase Stamina During Your Workout?
  40. What do you use to listen to your music while working out?
  41. How Workout Music Affects Your Heart Rate
  42. Anybody Else like Pop Music?
  43. Techno Music for Workout
  44. Reason for Creating this Forum - Music
  45. Do you find that music helps to de-stress you?
  46. Favorite music to work out to?