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Armed with his deep-canyon vibrato, raw emotion, and some colossal choruses, Rory Graham takes his big moment. Your starting place is, of course, the title track: a rumbling instant-anthem that formally introduces Graham’s soulful pop brew. From there it’s a stunning showcase of that voice. There are breezy, hip-hop flavored saunters (“Be the Man,” “Ego”), gale-force workouts (“skin,” “Love You Any Less”), and even curtain-drawing a cappella moments of delta blues majesty (“Die Easy”).

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Have i been asleep?!

by God's Lion This guy places his whole soul into his music. This is rare nowadays! where have i been that i don’t witness talent like this on the radio??

Glad I sampled this

by Babygold55 The angst and power behind the voice really resonated with my current mood. I felt his words!!

This dude right here KILLED it!!

by LovePeaceHappinessMusic THAT is how you make an album. Every single song worth listening to. Hands down one of the best I've heard. The music is on point, the lyrics, the doesn't get much better than this. Put it any genre you want, this dude just killed it on his first full length CD!


Genre: Alternative

Neo-blues & soul singer Rory Graham was born and raised in the small town of Uckfield in the southeast of England. Growing up on early blues and soul, he taught himself to sing by mimicking Muddy Waters, before discovering hip-hop. Starting out as an MC with a local drum'n'bass crew at age 15, he progressed to hip-hop open-mike nights in nearby Brighton, where he later moved, teaming up with local hip-hop crew the Rum Committee. At the same time, he continued to practice singing in private. At 19,...

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