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Protecting Patients with Heart Disease

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  • Protecting Patients with Heart Disease

    Hercules Multi with Energizing Ribose in new york….
    The results of these studies also have strong implications for the benefits of D-ribose in protecting people with congestive heart failure, who just don’t have the cardiac power to pump blood vigorously from their hearts and around the body. The result is often lack of energy, poor exercise tolerance and, in more severe cases, liver and lung complications, which can ultimately be fatal. Restoring the heart muscle’s “tone” in patients with congestive heart failure is the goal of a host of drug treatments including diuretics, digoxin, and others. In 2003, German researchers, however, took a more natural approach—they provided daily oral D-ribose supplements or placebo for three weeks to 15 people with congestive heart failure.19 The groups then reversed their treatment assignments.
    During the period of D-ribose supplementation, the patients showed dramatic improvements in their hearts’ ability to fill and empty efficiently—changes critical to reducing fluid accumulation throughout the body, and to boosting energy levels as tissues gain oxygen and nutrients from the restored blood flow. Perhaps most importantly from the patients’ own standpoint, they reported substantial improvements in quality of life while on the active supplement. This general sense of improved energy and well-being is vital to reinvigorating people and getting them started on making the lifestyle changes (such as increased exercise) that we know are so important to maintaining cardiovascular health.
    This study followed an earlier publication of a seminal paper by German cardiologists who studied the effect of D-ribose in 20 men with severe coronary artery disease that was sharply limiting their exercise tolerance (the ability to engage in mild physical activity without either painful symptoms or ominous changes in electrocardiogram [EKG] tracings).20
    The researchers tested the men with two treadmill exercise tolerance tests to determine their baseline level of physical function. Subjects were then randomly assigned to receive either D-ribose 60 grams/ day by mouth or a placebo for three days. Next, the exercise tolerance tests were repeated, with the subjects walking until EKG changes mandated a halt. Men who had taken the supplement were able to increase their treadmill walking time to 4.6 minutes, compared with just 3.7 minutes in the control group—a 24% improvement. The ribose-supplemented men also showed a significant improvement in the time it took to develop moderate angina (chest pain) compared with their baseline times—a change that the control group did not experience. This study provided another way to promote heart function in people with significant cardiac disease. Of course had these same patients been given ubiquinol CoQ10, acetyl-l-carnitine, taurine, and other cardiac-energizing nutrients, even greater improvements may have been observed, or a lower dose of D-ribose needed.
    Hercules Multi with Energizing Ribose* is a multi-vitamin preparation that supplements the human diet with vitamins, dietary minerals and other nutritional elements combined to optimize proper nutrition.

    When used daily, the nutrients in Hercules Multi with Energizing Ribose are shown to: maintain good health, enhance immune response, and boost well-being both physically and mentally.* The Hercules Multi innovative formula also provides Ribose, a naturally formed carbohydrate, shown to energize the body’s cells.*

    Hercules Multi with Energizing Ribose Tablets:
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    • Ribose, a naturally formed molecule, added for energy production in cells
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