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What is the best hair coloring brand?

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  • What is the best hair coloring brand?

    I am looking to color my hair at home because of cost. I am wondering what brand of hair coloring is the best for your scalp? And also, the safest? Years ago, I used home products, but coloring has changed somewhat. I am looking to hear both positive and negatives.

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    I must admit that you are way braver than I! I know for sure if I even dared to color my own hair that only bad will come of it lol. I tried once and ended up paying way more to get it fixed by a professional. I hate shelling out the $125 every month, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do..... I wish I had an answer to your question, good luck to you.


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      I used to do hair many moons ago. I color my own hair. I do not buy box sets you find in Walmart. I hate those things because a lot of people believe that if they pick up honey blonde that when they put it on their hair it's going to be honey blonde and it just doesn't work like that. I recommend going to someplace like Sally's (do you have those there?) and mixing the color with the appropriate developer amount you need for the color you desire. Around here the people who work in Sally's has to be a licensed cosmetologist, so talk to them and they can help you formulate what you'll need and tell you how to mix it.

      They can also tell you what is possible with your natural hair color and what isn't.

      The higher the developer number the stronger the chemical. So if you're looking for something that isn't irritating to the scalp you'll need to use a semi, demi, or 10 volume developer.

      Without knowing more about your hair, what the natural color is and what color you dye it already, it's hard to give advice on which product like would be best for you to use.


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        I think Loreal coloring hair products are good option since we had tried it before with friends. The product has good quality but it was quite costly. Yes maybe you could try buying some hair coloring products in Watson or natural beauty products. There are for sure much cheaper brands there that also have good quality, just patient in finding one on those stores.
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          My mother loves to color her hair every now and then. But she is very careful of the product that she is using. Based on what I know she had tried so many brands -- some are even popular ones like L'Oreal but her scalp sometimes complains. Right now, she is sticking with more natural hair colorant products. When I ask her what brand, she told me that she is using ecoColors but she is not sure if this is available anywhere because she is usually getting her supply from a good friend who is working in a beauty salon. You can search for that brand on the internet and ask if they are available in your area. Good luck on your locks.
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