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The Debate On Vaccination

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  • The Debate On Vaccination

    This is a very important debate as there are now doctors who are refusing to administer their services to children who failed or who refused to follow the government-sponsored vaccination program. But should vaccination be treated as compulsory? What about those select parents who believe otherwise?

    There is a misconception, one that is perpetuated by many pediatricians in the United States,that you need vaccines to stay well. No disease is caused by a "vaccine deficiency." In fact, in my recent article featuring the top secrets of people who never get sick, vaccination is nowhere to be found. Why?

    Because, ultimately, it is the state of your immune system that determines whether or not you get sick when you're exposed to an infectious disease. The keys to boosting your immune system into a "lean, mean, disease-fighting machine" lie in your lifestyle habits -- healthy food, stress relief, exercise, sleep, exposure to sunlight and so on. Artificially manipulating your immune system with a vaccine is not the same thing, nor does it produce the same desired disease-fighting result.

    Source: Should Pediatricians Refuse to See Unvaccinated Children?
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    As they always say: prevention is better than cure. And one of the best prevention for diseases and sickness is vaccine. I, as a mother, also thought for a while if I should stop seeing my son's pedia and let go of my son's the vaccines, since there is also a debate that points to vaccines as the cause of autism. Of course that scares me a lot, and so I thought I would rather not give him vaccines. But since there is no evidence saying vaccines to be the real culprit of autism, my pedia advised me to complete my son's vaccine. The complications of sicknesses can be so fatal... may cause death. So I would rather have him vaccinated than risk his life.


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      I don't think vaccinations are entirely good or entirely bad things.. They are definitely useful for preventing many illnesses BUT they are actually the very viruses that could make us ill.. So it's a double-edged blade.. It can help but it can also harm, if not done the proper way.. Personally, I've had all of my vaccinations and I have very good health (fortunately), so I am glad I've done them.. Hope everything is OK with you, too.
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        I do not vaccinate my child, and I can testify to the fact that many pediatricians will literally refuse to treat your child. I have found one in my entire state that will (and she is wonderful, I might add). But it is a huge problem. I was always under the impression that medical care could not be refused, but I suppose that only applies to emergencies. But I think it's horrible that a doctor even has the right to refuse a patient based on something like this. It's a personal choice and is not like it interferes with payment or anything else like that.


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          I think vaccinations keep children safe while they are building their immune systems and making it stronger. As for doctors who refuse to treat children who aren't vaccinated, they should remind themselves of the passage in the Hippocratic Oath saying: I will treat without exception all who seek my ministrations, so long as the treatment of others is not compromised.

          I've also had my all my vaccinations which I'm sure lessened my sickness issues throughout the years. I think vaccinations were meant to completely eradicate diseases such as polio and chicken pox, so I'm not against it. However, my concern is the doctors who do not treat patients due to not being vaccinated, maybe the government should address this first before attending to the original issue.


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