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Important Connection: Aging And Telomeres

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  • Important Connection: Aging And Telomeres

    Have you ever noticed that some people look old and weak well before their time Ö while others seem to stay young and healthy well into old age?

    It all has to do with something called ďtelomeres.Ē Telomeres act as the time-keepers for your DNA. As the cells in your body divide, your telomeres get shorter. The shorter your telomeres, the more you age. So the more often your cells divide, the older they behave and the more susceptible you are to age-related disease.

    One study of 60- to 75-year-olds showed people with short telomeres had a 300 percent higher death rate from heart disease. They also had an 800 percent higher death rate from infectious diseases.

    Worse, when your telomeres get short enough, cell division stops. And thatís bad news. Because when new cells no longer replace damaged ones, you die.

    From the moment you're born, your telomeres start the countdown towards old age and all of the problems that come with it. Until recently you had no say on how quickly that happened.

    But today, new advances in telomere biology make it possible for you to reprogram the aging process and keep your DNA younger. You can essentially rejuvenate every single cell in your body and slow the aging process!

    In all of my years as a physician, Iíve never seen anything like this. It has the potential to change the face of aging forever. Decades from now the history books will point to this discovery as a turning point in human history.

    With this new understanding of the genetic process, you donít have to take old age lying down. You can live well into your later years with robust health, supple skin, long-lasting energy and a powerful immune system to fight disease.

    Source: HERE!
    The great connection between the aging process and telomeres is not yet being discussed online and offline as it should be. I think people would be more interested to know more details on aging and how wee can help the impact of this natural process if we understand the story behind this connection. In the coming years, more and more products would be coming out using this understanding as the foundation of their formulations.
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