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5 Things that Influence How Food Taste

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  • 5 Things that Influence How Food Taste

    Here are some things that you may never have expected to influence how your food taste. Another article I found that may interest you guys.

    5. What Your Mom Ate While You Were a Fetus- We already know that what we eat as a kid influence our taste but Crack says it starts earlier than that. There's a large possibility that what your mom ate while you were in her tummy might be your favorite food. My mom ate apples when she was pregnant of me, and for a couple of months, I always did love eating them.

    There was an experiment regarding pregnant and breastfeeding mothers drinking carrot juice and their born children was not getting enough of it.

    4. The Label -- Even If It Lies- It's all in the labeling. We sometimes tend to be persuaded by clean and nicely rendered ads rather than those who have poor placement but can still give the same benefit.

    An interesting experiment was giving two groups the same nutrition bars but one control group had the word soy in the ingredient labels. The soy label group thought their nutrition bars tasted worst.

    3. Background Noise -I've noticed that when I eat in a place where there is fast, upbeat music, I eat faster hence forgetting to notice the taste of some of the food. For those who've gone into exclusive restaurants, their background sound tend to be more mellow.

    When you eat in places with high noise levels, you lose the ability to accurately gauge how sweet or salty your food is. It has to do with the way your brain is wired -- continual loud noises whip the neurons of your ear up into such a rage that for no reason they stage an all-out assault on the weaker neurons of your taste buds.

    Science agrees with those stuffy restaurants you were imagining at the beginning -- if you pipe in music at a volume of between exactly 62 and 67 decibels (about the level that human conversations are held) the food served will be rated as tasting nicer than the exact same food served outside of this specific volume range.
    2. Your Personality and Mood- This is a dead given. The term, "I'm not in the mood" has been one of the excuses used a couple of times if someone asks you to eat and you feel... not in the mood .

    When physically exhausted, you're more likely to taste the sugar in whatever you eat or drink.

    Different chemicals in your food react to different chemicals in your brain, thus the foods you like aren't just personal preference, they say something about how your brain works. Depressed people can't taste sweetness as well, people with panic disorders don't taste bitterness as strongly as others.
    1. Color- We tend to associate colors with the food we eat. But colors affect its taste as well. For instance, a study found that a drink can taste hotter when placed in orange or yellow colored containers than the same beverage in blue or green colored containers, as perceived by its drinkers.

    Here is a very good study to reinforce this point.

    The participants were placed in a room and asked to simply eat a meal consisting of steak, french fries, and peas, all of which the experimenters provided. To the untrained eye, the food was completely normal both color-wise and taste-wise...Unbeknownst to the poor men and women eating this meal, the lights in the room were equipped with filters that hid the fact that all of their food had been dyed the wrong color. When they turned on the normal lights, the test subjects saw that the steak was actually blue, the fries were green, and the peas were red. Luckily for the scientific method, the reaction from the participants was fairly hard to misinterpret: they suddenly became violently ill at the sight of what they'd just eaten.
    If you'd like to read the details in this article. The source has been hyperlinked The 5 Weirdest Things That Influence How Your Food Tastes

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    There are some very interesting pieces of information here. It definitely gives you something to think about, doesn't it? I am especially intrigued by the notion that what the mother eats during pregnancy influences the child's food preferences later in life. My mother ate watermelon like crazy when she carried me and it is one of my favorite fruits. She also craved ginger ale on a daily basis (even though she hated the stuff) and I absolutely love it! On the other hand, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I craved spaghetti at least once a week, but my daughter will not touch the stuff, no matter what. Maybe I ate too much during the pregnancy and burned her out on it before she was even born?


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      Very nice guide which can provide us with the rationale why we have a taste for this and taste for that. I always believe that the nutrition the mother is getting while still pregnant can later on affect the child once already born. This is why expecting mothers should be planning their nutrition needs and should not just eat what could be available. All the other factors like noise on the background, our mood and the color of the foods are already given. Could this be the reason why a lot of fast food chain are so noisy?
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        Some are really new to me and thinking about it, sounds so true just like the labeling.
        I am aware that food color affects our thinking whether the food looks tasty or not but I am not aware that color could also affect the temperature the way we perceive it. It was cool to know and maybe I will evaluate my own perception about it. And about the background noise means not only those sounds that appealing in our ears could make us eat faster as long as the noise is also fast beat.
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          Now that is some interesting information. I think I will dye my kids food colors tonight just to have my own experiment! The labels make total sense too! I am very label sensitive and won't eat anything with rice in it. It also explains why my youngest loves tangerines. The mood thing I will over look because my kids are never in the mood for vegetables.
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            That was interesting. The other points are cute but might be true also. Like your favorite might be cause when you where a fetus and when your mom ate a certain food at those moment. Great share author.


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              My favourite mug for a hot drink is a black one, does this effect anything? :P

              Interesting read, I had a quick look on google and the list goes on and on. It's suprising how many things can put someone off or change the way we see our food
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                Originally posted by Yoe View Post
                My favourite mug for a hot drink is a black one, does this effect anything? :P

                Interesting read, I had a quick look on google and the list goes on and on. It's suprising how many things can put someone off or change the way we see our food
                Oh, how funny that you mentioned drinking from a black mug as your favorite way to drink hot drinks. I am the exact same way! I have one specific coffee cup that I use for everything hot. Coffee just doesn't seem to taste the same when it comes in any other container.


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                  That was a great read to start the morning, most especially that you also included your personal thoughts. Oh, man. Time to ask my mom what she ate when I was still living in her tummy. Hmmm.. for starters, I do love tomatoes A LOT ever since I was a kid, even before knowing that it was actually a fruit. I would much it like an apple. OH my gosh. The color facts almost made me kinda puke.. Still, whenever I use red mugs, red plates, other red stuffs, my taste buds just become 10x more intense.


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                    I agree with the article those are true as they are really affected my mood and the taste of the food I eat. I also think that the place it self can also a big factor. Anyway, this article is really informative. Great post Haopee!

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