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Tried Colonics Detox?

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  • Tried Colonics Detox?

    We have been hearing experts telling us on the dangers associated with toxins in our bodies. We know how man-made chemicals and heavy metals can lead to the development of chronic conditions such as fatigue, low level of energy, joint pain and inflammation, memory lapses, and brain fog as well as other more grave illnesses.

    This is why we need to detox our bodies. There are varied techniques to detox our bodies. One best alternative and safe to detox is with colonics. Colonics entail the flushing out of different waste build-up from the lower end of your colon. However, there is a need to do it like a series and some people may complain of some inconvenience.

    Have you tried colonics?
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    I am actually not aware of colonics so I did a little research online about it.
    Colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy, also known as a colonic, is an alternative medicine practice which involves flushing the colon with warm filtered water. The colonic removes a buildup of waste which supporters of the practice believe is harmful for digestive and general health. Practitioners and frequent patients claim that regular colonics keep them healthier, and that they are less prone to digestive problems. Most doctors trained in conventional medicine do not recommend the use of colonics for any medical condition, although enemas to cleanse the lower colon may be appropriate in certain situations. Studies have not suggested that a colonic would be harmful to a healthy individual, unless it was administered in unclean conditions.
    I have not tired it myself but I had experienced some other ways in "detoxifying" the body just like sauna bath and drinking pure fruit juices. Also drinking corn coffee could really help you flushed out the toxins in your body specially if frequently consumed.
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