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Hip Hop Abs or Rocking Body?

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  • Hip Hop Abs or Rocking Body?

    Ok, I am trying to decide between the Hip Hop Abs or the Rocking Body workout system by Shawn T. Both look amazing and look to be a challenge. However, I can only purchase one. Any thoughts and comments? Hip Hop Abs looks as though it has some cardio on it in addition to the ab workout so that is why I am a little undecided about the two at the moment.

    Hoping someone on here has used the system before and can give their reviews.


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    I don't know much about the rocking body by Shaun T, but I have done the Hip Hop Abs several times and absolutely love it. I would definitely recommend getting it if you are getting all of the DvDs as it does offer both a full body cardio burn and some really nice ab workouts as well.

    The cardio burn will make you sweat like no other, and the ab portion will have you feeling the burn, so if you are looking for results and are determined to do it every day then go with the Hip Hop Abs.

    Also, just as a side note, Shaun T makes it a lot of fun and it is really easy to get down after one or two goes at it.


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      I had thought about purchasing one before because I love to dance. I used to watch the infomercials at night and thought Shaun T was a great instructor. I also love how they dropped the price to $19.99, I think, for hip hop abs.


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        I love Hip Hop Abs. I have done it a few times and it is a great workout that leaves you feeling like you worked every muscle in your body. It is so fun and it goes by really fast and doesn't get boring like other workouts that I have tried that are similar to this one.


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          Hip Hop Abs is amazing. shaun T deserves a medal because all his programs are good. I'm graduating from Hip Hop Abs to the Insanity workout - I hear it's a killer!


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            I don't own them but I was going to suggest that you look on Amazon, because there are always a lot of helpful reviews on there.


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              I have the Hip Hop Abs DVD, and I must say that it's quite easy to follow, Shaun T makes the routines so simple to do and you really just dance, no push-ups or whatever. So since I only own that DVD, then I would have to say that you should buy Hip Hop Abs instead.


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                These post have been very informative on the 2 sets of workouts by Shaun T. My question is do you see results from these workouts? I have not seen any statements that results is as reported in the ads. I see it is fun and how great Shaun T is but nothing about results.

                Could someone please post a statement about results.


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                  I've wondered about both of these workout programs myself and I'm curious if there's a beginning workout for either one of the exercise programs or if they just focus on a major workout with each one?


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                    Hip Hop Abs would have to be my recommendation if only because it does go by fairly quickly. Also it does provide a good workout even if you decide to abbreviate it a bit due to level of fitness or time considerations. Besides which he has a lot of other programs it's fairly easy to transition to if you've already started out with Hip Hop Abs.


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