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5 Health Benefits of a Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor

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  • 5 Health Benefits of a Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor

    You see fitness trackers everywhere now, personal trainers encouraging their clients to use the activity tracker, athletes use them, people jogging or swimming with it, friends and relatives comparing how many calories they have burnt. But do these fitness trackers with heart rate monitor have any health benefits?

    Wrist based heart rate monitors vary in price from as low as 50 bucks to as high as 500 bucks. Of course, the performance and features are more superior at the pricier range. For every individual who wants to monitor their daily activities, swim, run or workout, it is an important decision to make if a heart rate monitor is essential for your personal goals and training. Below are 5 healthy reasons a heart rate monitor can help you -

    1. Boost your own health: wrist-based and chest strapped heart rate monitors can easily enable you to discover and manage the right exercise intensity to reach your objectives. If you are trying to reach the thirty minutes of moderate intensity workout (50-70% of your highest heart rate), say five days a week, the device will indicate to you if those objectives are being met. Higher-performing fitness devices, as pointed out in the post on the performance difference between wrist heart rate monitor and chest strap heart rate monitor, the latter can offer a more precise heart rate zone intensity training and pin-point accuracy to accomplish a more effective workout program whilst the former is most suited for the casual workout bunny and jogger. In fact, by training at the right intensity and in less time, you can burn more body fat and improve your resting heart rate. However, your heart rate monitor wont tell you what activities to do, how to carry out the exercises properly, or even exactly how to keep that balance in your lifestyle from good nutrition, quality sleep, and so on. From newbie exercisers to elite athletes, additional input from a doctor or trainer may be needed to paint a complete picture of an individual exercise program.

    2. Evaluate your time and effort: Gauging the actual work-rate of the heart is the most reliable approach of identifying precisely how much significant of an impact you are drawing out of the workout session and utilizing a HRM is more appropriate than disturbing the momentum of a workout just to get the pulse rate by yourself. Aside from human-error (for example the band dropping off, or by accident ending the stop/start timer during a workout), HRMs are quite reliable in measuring the level of your fitness, as long as you consistently use the wearable device!

    3. Workout safely: Information provided by Heart rate monitors can easily help steer you from over doing a workout session. In others, it can help you not to stress your body out. A heart rate that is actually greater than you anticipate before, during, or after a training session is generally a good indication that your entire body requires a good break. Thus a fitness tracker is beneficial in that it helps you to train in a healthy and effective manner.

    4. Monitor your workout progress: Some heart rate monitors have the capabilities to record and produce seven or thirty days worth of training data, which will assist to determine whether each individual workout has been effective, and help boost your efforts to get fitter and stay on track! This is a nice benefit and an advantage to be able to review your prior workouts and make necessary adjustments to the routine, if required.

    5. Add more fire into you: A majority of us wouldn't think in our lifetime we would be following orders and information from a tiny fitness tracker, but we are, and when you don't meet your personal targets, you cannot ignore that tiny bit of guilt when it informs you that more effort is required. For a fitness tracker, it can add more motivation and focus your efforts more into the gym or swim that extra 3 laps to reach your goals. With so much important information on a LED display, there is no excuse not to know how well you are performing and there's never a better feeling than achieving your workout goal for the day or for the week - especially when it alerts you with a vibration!

    Let's face it, fitness trackers with heart rate monitors are not perfect. Nothing is. But if you use the wrist-based heart rate monitor consistently and correctly as suggested above to reach your personal goals, the skies the limit. Combining the use of a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor with a good nutrition plan and an effective workout routine, you can greatly improve your health and fitness. Consider it as a fitness tool and guide to help you train effectively in order to get you where you want to be.

    If you are not too sure on how to find the best fitness tracker that will suit your training and lifestyle, jump over to Garmin Fitness Tracker website to find relevant news, reviews and information on finding the most appropriate Garmin fitness tracker for your personal needs. Whether you are new to exercise, budget conscious, a swimmer or an athlete looking to ramp up his or her heart rate zone training you will find 10 of the best Garmin activity trackers available right now.
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