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Easy Ab Workout for Beginners (Women)

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  • Easy Ab Workout for Beginners (Women)

    Weight lifting can benefit everyone, So why it's important. I know just from my own history lifting weights, that it really does change your body composition. So as you're weight training, you're losing fat, You're gaining lean muscle tissue, which is a lot denser than fat, so it's gonna take up less space in the body, for the same amount of weight. Lean muscle tissue is also great because it's gonna let you burn more calories at rest.

    Other health benefits of lifting weights are things like, increasing your bone density. Also, you can check more physical health benefits and learn more about it if you want. I am only writing the benefits of lifting weights in this topic as you a beginner. So as we're ageing, it's important that we maintain our bone density so that we prevent things like osteoporosis but then there are
    other benefits that we can talk about as well. So reduced stress and anxiety increased cardiovascular health. If you can lift more, you can carry those groceries home, you can do things around the house, pick up your kids, all of those things.

    I think a lot of women sort of shy away from weight lifting because they're afraid they're gonna bulk up. I hear it all day long in the gym. Doesn't happen. So bulking has a lot to do with nutrition, lifting super heavy. it's important to work with a trainer because a trainer can make you accountable.

    Here is a list of workout for beginners.
    1. Single-Leg Deadlift
    2. Side Plank
    3. Push-Up
    4. Second Position Plis
    5. HIIT Intervals
    6. Triceps Extension
    7. Step-Ups
    8. Bridge
    9. Plank with Arm Raise
    10. Shoulder Stand
    According to those arethe best 10 exercises for beginners. Please start with these exercises and recommended to doing with an adviser.

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